Industrial Products

Hasa Aura Klor

12.5% Potassium Hypochlorite
Sodium Free Sanitizer, Oxidizer and Biocide

Approved And Labeled For A Wide Variety Of Applications Where Salt Violations Are A Concern.

Hasa’s Aura Klor is a sodium free sanitizer, oxidizer and biocide. It is approved and labeled for a wide variety of applications. It is especially useful for applications with high sodium levels (salt violations).

  • Provides a sodium-free solution to water discharges
  • Enhances current programs of low salt formulas
  • Replacement chemical in CIP cleaners
  • Chemical Compounding - Trend for formulations to become sodium-free

Potassium is one of the three required soil nutrients needed to maintain plant growth along with phosphorous and nitrogen. Therefore, there is little objection to the introduction of potassium ions to the land.

Uses: For treatment of: Sewage & Wastewater; Public Water Systems; Cooling Towers; Irrigation Water; Post-Harvest Sanitization; Food Preparation; Pulp and Paper Mill; Water Systems; Laundry Sanitizer; Recreational Water

Available In Limited Markets Only


Available in 330 Gallon Totes And 53 Gallon Drums