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HASA is proud to be a member of IPSSA, UPA, Chlorine Institute, PHTA and CPSA.

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HASA keeps it simple: Safe, Clean and Clear. That’s why Sani-Clor® has been the leading liquid pool sanitizer since 1964.

Learn more about our heritage and why HASA is the most reliable recreational water treatment partner in the business.

No unnecessary additives

Better for
Pool Pros

Better for your customers


Better for pool surfaces

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Visit us the Western Pool & Spa Show, Booth #441 to learn more.

Visit us the Western Pool & Spa Show, Booth #441 to learn more.

It’s time to toss tablets.

SANITIZE: If you’re still using trichlor tablets, it’s time to convert to a more reliable, longer-lasting and simple solution. HASA Sani-Clor® leaves no harmful by-products.

SHOCK: Learn more about the downsides of cal hypo materials handling and why sodium hypochlorite is a better, safer choice—for transport and pool application.

Make the solids to liquid transition TODAY for added savings, performance and efficiency.

Visit us the Western Pool & Spa Show, Booth #441 to learn more.

HASA Sani-Clor® is:


Fast Acting

Environmentally Responsible

Cost Effective

Discover why Sani-Clor® is the better, more profitable choice for your business.

Better protection for a pool’s most important assets

HASA’s educational Video Library features explainer demos from our own Terry Arko, over the years one of the pool treatment industry’s leading category experts

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Planet-friendly Products

Pool Pros: Your customers will appreciate HASA’s lower carbon footprint solution for their pool. Learn more about HASA’s Sustainability programs and eco-friendly commitment.

For delivery, our reusable, returnable signature 4×1 deposit cases have kept more than 300,000,000 million plastic bottles out of our landfills.

Because EVERYONE deserves clean, healthy water to enjoy.

HASA ensures that

20 billion gallons

of Safe, Clean and Clear Water

make the world a better, healthier place for individuals,
families and businesses year-round.

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