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September 27th-29th, 2021

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HASA Sani-Clor® sodium hypochlorite is the optimal way to sanitize and shock! Liquid chlorine has been a go-to choice for disinfecting swimming pools and hot tubs for more than half a century.

Why choose HASA Sani-Clor® over trichlor tablets:
– Highest available chlorine
– Fast acting
– Safe to use and transport
– No cyanuric acid (CYA)/no calcium
– Best cost per use

Trichlor Tablets vs. Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite

A service pro with 50 stops a week using 2 trichlor tablets per pool a day would only need 1.8 cases of HASA Sani-Clor® in their truck per day. Nine cases a week.


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The New HASA Liquid Feeder Sanitizes Daily Hands Free

“The easy to install liquid feeder system from HASA Pool is inexpensive and compact. It’s a great way to feed chlorine into your pool minus the side effects of 3″ tabs. It reduces the drop in pH that that comes along with tab feeders, making chemical balancing easier for even the most novice customer.”

Great White Pool Service in Boise, ID

Specific Benefits:

  • Safe storage in warehouse
  • Provides great additional sales opportunities
  • Supports repeat business utilizing the 4×1 deposit program
  • Avoids distributors’ dumpsters being
    overfilled with non-deposit waste

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Liquid Feeder

HASA Liquid Feeder Step-by-Step Installation Video

Simple to use. Easy to install.

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Visit us at www.HASA.com to learn more about the HASA Advantage and why we’ve been the trusted source for premium liquid sodium hypochlorite for swimming pools and hot tubs since 1964.

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Did you know?

As the de facto standard for liquid sanitization, HASA products including Hasachlor®, Multi-Chlor® and Sani-Clor® have set the bar for reliability and sustainability since our inception. Sodium hypochlorite is made from naturally derived products. After it cleans industrial and commercial water systems and recreational water sources (such as private and commercial swimming pools, spas and hot tubs), it returns to salt—and is safe for our oceans and communities.

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HASA ensures that

20 billion gallons

of Safe, Clean and Clear Water

Sanitize and Shock with Sani-Clor
make the world a better, healthier place for individuals,
families and businesses year-round.

Sani-Clor Sanitation

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