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Warranty Registration

The HASA Liquid Feeder™ 1 Year Warranty

Please input requested registration information below. Please submit and process within 90 days of your HASA Liquid Feeder™ (HLF™) in-store purchase. IMPORTANT: All information must be completed in order to register this warranty.

For customer service questions, please contact HASA directly at: (661) 259-5848

For written inquiries:

The HASA Liquid Feeder™
Warranty Department
23119 Drayton Street Saugus, CA 91350

Learn more about the benefits of using HASA Sani-Clor® sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine sanitizer) and the HASA Liquid Feeder™ to clean and disinfect your swimming pool.

Please be responsible when managing household or pool/spa cleaning supplies.

Liquid bleach like many household chemicals is for external use only—and needs to be treated with respect and used properly. Please always refer to the instructions on the packaging and on the accompanying label before using.

HASA ensures that

20 billion gallons

of Safe, Clean and Clear Water

make the world a better, healthier place for individuals,
families and businesses year-round.

HASA Safe, Clean and Clear Water

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