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Questions about Drinking Water Sanitization and Pool & Spa Use?

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water. There is also no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs that are properly treated. Read more

Please also refer to a statement from our CEO Chris Brink

Frequently Asked Questions
Cleaning and Disinfecting

From Outdoor Pools to Indoor Surfaces

Hasachlor® can now be used indoors to sanitize homes and businesses.

The same HASA product used to treat swimming pools and spas can clean places that are frequently touched.

Simply follow the instructions on the product packaging.

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Sanitization Tips



HASA has made eco-conservation a priority for more than 50 years. Our sodium hypochlorite solutions are the highest performing, yet environmentally safe, products on the market today.

HASA Cares

Sustainability is in our DNA. HASA pledges to Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We proudly operate “green” production facilities across the western United States.


Our reusable transport system reduces carbon footprint and has kept enough plastic waste (to wrap twice around the globe) out of our landfills. Look for our signature reusable 4×1 gallon deposit cases out in the community.

Number of plastic bottles kept out of our landfills:

and counting

HASA plays an absolutely vital role in our water ecosystem.
We service a diverse customer base—from recreational water treatment distributors, pool service professionals, pool and spa product dealers, and pool owners to commercial and industrial water treatment facilities.

Did you know?

HASA Sani-Clor® has been the gold standard pool sanitization method for more than half a century. Sodium hypochlorite is made from naturally derived products. After it cleans your pool, it returns to salt—and is safe for the oceans, your family and the environment.

Learn more about the life cycle of HASA products and why they’re more sustainable than any other type of liquid sanitization on the Planet.

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HASA Solutions

Everyone at HASA is passionate about bringing Safe, Clean and Clear water to our communities with every product. HASA produces and delivers the strongest and freshest sodium hypochlorite available—with no unnecessary additives. HASA Quality delivered from our factory to you…year-round.

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Because HASA Cares

HASA observes a Triple Bottom Line Philosophy in everything we do as a brand. This includes caring for our Planet, but also giving back to the many communities where we do business.

Whether it’s providing safe, clear drinking water to local neighborhoods after a flood or hurricane, raising funds for the “Water for a Warrior” project to provide hydro-therapy spas for our veterans, or helping schools and other organizations to enjoy the benefits of HASA quality, we’re proud to make a difference.

Please be responsible when managing household or pool/spa cleaning supplies.

Liquid bleach like many household chemicals is for external use only—and needs to be treated with respect and used properly. Please always refer to the instructions on the packaging and on the accompanying label before using.

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